Quiz 1 – ABAP Predefined Types



You call yourself an ABAP Techie then test your knowledge in SAP ABAP Predefined types!

Provide your name and email and click the Start Quiz Button

At the end of the Quiz, Remember to click the Send button to add your name to the leader board and receive your Free Guide to SAP ABAP Predefined data types in your inbox.

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    • Hi Sai,

      Glad you liked the quiz..
      More nicer will be the guide I will send you since I can see your name in the leader-board.
      Great Job. Thanks for participating.


  1. Doogie

    This one needs to be checked again 😉
    On 7.40 you cannot generate the report. Syntax Error 😉
    But the quiz is quite cool! I like it! Good job!

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