ABAP Table Creation Assignments

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What is the use of all the THEORY without some real PRACTICE ?. 

In this lesson we will get introduced to the assignment series in which you will have to create Data-Dictionary Objects in SAP.

What is the use of all the theory without the real practice ?

If you have subscribed for the course to this course and have been following us then each Monday and Thursday I send out new set of assignments for this part.

These assignments are definitely going to make YOU super-charged in your understanding of SAP Data-Dictionary objects such as Domains, Data-Elements and Dictionary Tables.

SAP Data Dictionary Assignments

Assignments are here — It is up to YOU to complete and master them. Take the time to do them.

No More Excuses.

If you are stuck and do not know how to proceed – Watch the solution videos I have uploaded.

And if you want more help, post your questions on our Facebook group at Beginners-SAP . ( not a member of the group – no problem – send us a join request and one of the admins will approve it. )


We all will be happy to answer your doubts.

Next Lesson – How to Create Domains and Data-Elements in SAP.

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  1. John Stanley

    In this article explains about the abap table creation assignments and sap data dictionary assignments and this explains by using video thank you.

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