Welcome to Beginner's SAP

Hello, my name is Linkin Pereira. I am an SAP Consultant and like many of my colleagues I am passionate about SAP.

During the course of my consulting I have worked with many companies to implement SAP. I have worked with some of the best minds in SAP. I have also heard enough complaints from many of my end-users and friends who want to learn and get into SAP but find it very tough. They are dedicated and ready to work hard but they miss out on very important aspects that are required to make it into the SAP industry. These are the elements that differentiate between a mediocre and a top notch SAP consultant.

SAP consulting is a growing market and with SAP adding/acquiring new dimension products in cloud computing, new user-experience packages(FIORI), in-memory data processing(HANA), now is the best time to get into SAP.

Like any ERP system, SAP is huge but I believe SAP learning should be simple. So with my passion for SAP I have decided to maintain this blog to teach anyone who is keen to learn SAP.

Linkin Pereira 🙂