First Assignment – Create This Table

In line with my new year resolution here is my first post.

I was busy setting up this blog for the past few days. Finally it is complete with some minor tweaks remaining. So I started on step 2 of the resolution which is to actually post SAP assignments.

I have always believed learning anything by practice has more benefits than learning theory in books. Also there are a lot of blogs online for SAP, but most of them assume you have lot of knowledge in SAP. Other blogs are just not complete.

So I have decide to take the practical approach of sharing some of my actual work specifications, ( with all the confidential stuff removed offcourse ).

I was able to find one such specification and have changed it into an assignment. You will find the link below.

Try to complete this assignment and you will learn a lot about the custom table creation process in SAP. Later I will upload the steps to actually create this table and you will also learn a lot about modifying standard SAP tables using Append and Include structures in my future blogs.

Till then Happy Learning.


P.S: If you are stuck at any step or have any feedback let me know in the comments section below.

Grants-Module – Assignment 1 – Custom Table Creation


    • Hello Tariq,
      Thanks for joining and for your comment.

      This first assignment that I have put up in the attached PDF is from my real life experience at one of my clients.
      It is based on the Grants module of SAP.
      In this development I had to build

      • 2 custom tables
      • A couple of search helps
      • Data maintenance for the tables
      • An ALV report to pull data from these custom and one standard table GMGR of the Grants module.

      We will build all these in the assignments.
      Once we are done with the assignment I will explain the entire report and how it fits in the whole project.
      So try them out and if you get stuck let me know.

      Linkin P.

    • Hi Sivakumar,

      We will do ABAP programming/coding in assignment 3.

      I will put another assignment to create another table and then in the third assignment we will create an ABAP program to pull data from the two custom tables and a SAP standard table.

      Right now I am making a document to explain Data-Dictionary and solution to assignment 1 with explanations.
      Please subscribe to this blog with your email address and I will send you the document to your email.

  1. Elena

    Hi Linkin,

    I have just started reading about SAP as I want to follow a SAP developer career. I am currently working in SAP as a Credit Analyst and have no idea about programming or codes in SAP. This exercise that I found on your site left me completely stricken as I have no idea on how should I start solving it – neither can I find the steps to follow. Could you please help me here?

    Thank you and wish you a great day,

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