How to find your first break in a Software Development Career

This number one super successful Technique can be applied in any industry not just Software Career.

If you dont believe just read on.

Let say you are a baker living in a small town of 100 families.

You want to sell your tasty hot breads to these good families.
However this town already has 3 well known and most popular bakeries.
Customers are very loyal to these barkeries and very pleased with their services. No complaints what-so-ever. How can you find a break in this market to sell your own bread?

You are a fighter and if you are ready to make your mark then here is the super killer solution

Don’t sell them bread, Sell them cake.

The idea is to get into their home. Once you get into their homes with your cakes, breads will soon follow.

Sell Cakes Not Bread

Sell Cakes Not Bread


Dont believe me then here is a living proof of this.

Apple I-Phone.

In 2005 when I first got my cell phone, I remember Nokia and Motorola where the only phones in the market. Cell Phone by then was like bread. Practically everyone needed to have one. These companies dominated the market. The Motorla V3 Razor was the king and Nokia touch screen phone was nothing but awesome.

So what did Apple do?

It started selling the CAKE. Did they sell BREAD i.e Iphone — No Not at all.

They sold the Cake – the Apple iTouch.

Notice why I call iTouch the Cake. That is because bread and cake serve different purposes, though they come out from the same barkery. Everyone needs their daily bread (yeah some like me eat rice as well — but hey you get the idea) but not every one needs to eat cake.

Similarly everyone needs a cell phone but not every one needed an ipod touch. But with that one product they entered into the homes of even those who never owned a single apple product. – Me ( Believe me I dint even know who Steve Jobs was at that time ).

Once they established their place in the home. Selling bread was only a matter of time. So they then started selling iPhones ( cell phone – smartphone) and Nokia and Motorola were history.

This same story can be found in many industries and I can sit the whole day giving examples after examples.

But the main question is, How can you apply this method in finding your first break in Software Development?

Here is what you should do.

Let say you are fresh out of college trying to find your first break – ( Off course you are otherwise why you would be reading this. — Ha Ha Silly me.) Since I am in the SAP domain I can tell you my SAP view, ( if you dont know what is SAP — follow my blog please — where I offer a free course on SAP Programming ) but the same applies to java, Andriod, practically anywhere even Construction, Plumbing, Accounting.

So in SAP – every Technical Developer – Fresher is selling ABAP. Even Experienced developer folks are selling ABAP. Now finding your break with just ABAP is difficult. You are competing with the Guru’s and Super Gods of ABAP. You dont stand a chance. You can only depend on luck then.

Simply read SAP Technical job requirements and you will notice, SAP has high end products which are not breads but cakes. Try to sell these. Like SAPUI5, WEBDYNPRO ABAP, WEBDYNPRO JAVA, BI/BOBJ, BOPF, Webservices, Portals.

Look Before You Leap

But here is the most important part which I left out for later. Yes there is a catch to this technique.

Remember inorder that your final bread reaches your clients home, your cake offering should be solid. You cannot sell a lumpy mass of junk and brand it cake. You will get a solid kick on your ass. Today I am holding an Iphone in my hand like the other billions of people is because Apple’s initial Itouch was super cool. If it was shitty then today Apple would have been in trash.

So what does that mean. It means it takes some time to build your cake. Take your time to master the new language. You are young, your blood is hot so don’t hurry. Once it is done you will know its ready. You will kill the competition. You’ll have blood on your face. You will Rock.


If this article makes sense to you and you want to gain value from it, then here is an action step for you. In the domain that you want to persue your career it, try to research before going in and list down what aspects of that area do you feel are cakes and breads.


A request to experts: Guys if you are an expert in your field, or maybe just have been in the particular field for some time and have noticed some things that you consider cakes, do list them down here so as to help freshers research on these points. I have listed some from my area and now its your turn. It could be Java, Oracle, Web Technologies etc. You are the masters. You know the best. So give it a try.

— Hope you enjoyed my Blog.

Thanks for Reading.



  1. Sameer


    First of all I want to tell you that your initiative is very nice. You make people understand with a very simple and appropriate manner. I want to discuss with you something. Actually I have been working in SAP-ABAP from last 4 years. I have completed on SAP Implementation Life Cycle and presently providing support in the same company on same project (As I am in a manufacturing company). I want to change my job and want to work in a good IT company. But due to my unstable educational background I think my resume dont get selected and I dont offer cakes to them as ABAP is a bread nowadays. I have two choices either webdynpro or SAP UI5 but I am very much confused that either I should learn webdynpro or SAP UI5 or both or something else. And what should be the approach. Let me tell you before coming in SAP-ABAP I was in website development in PHP/MYSQL. So please suggest me as per your view. May be you can guide me towards a successful career.


    • Hi Sameer,

      Thanks for the compliment about my content. I appreciate that. Thank you.
      Also congrats on completing 4 years in SAP field. As far as I can see you are on the right track.

      Now for your doubts, which are very genuine and I have heard the same from a couple of others who feel sometimes stuck doing the same thing and want to break out.

      For all of them and the same holds true for you, I would suggest first of all looking internally and doing a SWOT analysis of one-self.
      List down all your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) and then come up with a holistic plan for your career.
      One thing to keep in mind is remember a job is only a station, however your career is your journey. Keep your focus on your final destination. What do you want to become later in life.
      So to have a solid ground in your job Webdynpro, SAPUI5 etc are all tools.
      You need to slowly and steadily master them. It takes time but it surely will happen if you set your goal in place first.

      Your Strenghts from what you have listed above are
      1. 4 Years of Solid Full Life Cycle Implementation.
      2. End to End from Implementation all the way to Post go live support.
      3. Web Technologies Background in PHP/MySQL.
      4. Industry experience in Manufacturing so can relate to live client interaction.

      Weaknesses :
      1. Currently lacking in Hands-on Newer technologies.
      2. Educational Background

      Once you have listed down all of these yourself, you will notice how easy it is to tackle your weaknesses and project your strengths.
      It is difficult and takes time, but once you are done, you will become more focused.

      Hope this helped you. Mail me directly at [email protected] incase you need more assistance.
      I am happy to help.


      • sameer

        Hi linkin,

        Thanks for your advice. Yes you are right that I need to slowly and steadily master the advanced tools like Webdynpro and SAP UI5. But I am confused about them. Whether to choose webdynpro or SAPUI5 OR Both or something else. I mean which tool I should learn first and what about after that as per current Indian SAP Market Please suggest.


        • Hi Sameer,

          Since you are already into SAP-ABAP I would advice you to pick up WDA. Webservices, ABAP Proxies. These to me seem to be a logical extension of core ABAP GUI technologies. Later on you can advance into SAPUI5 and other domains.

          — Linkin

  2. suraj

    Hi sir thank you for this wonderful blog.
    I think this blog is appropriate to ask my query. Actually i am 2014 engineering passout and because of my cancer i was busy on that sill stuffs.
    During this i did an online abap course ( like bread ) but now i want to learn UI5 (cake) also .so it that make sense for fresher to show ABAP and UI5 in resume without any real time exp.

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