Lowercase Characters in SAP Domain


Our client had a requirement to store Employee Suggestion Referrals in SAP.

To cater to this requirement I had created a Custom Table and here I had a field to store the Name and Description of the Referral text.

While testing the application it was noticed that the texts would always show up in capital letters even though the user would save them small case. Though this did not affect the functionality in any case, however it was an annoyance particularly when the 80 character text would show up in all caps.

Even when I receive a text from my friend in all caps it sounds as if he is shouting in my ears. There is a kind of emotion attached to All CAPS.. like DO THIS NOW OR ELSE I WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN

So when the client saw all caps for suggestions, the suggestions stopped looking like suggestions and more like Commands.

Anyway so I researched a bit and realized that the Domain is the culprit here. If you create a custom domain then SAP will, by default, display them out in ALL Caps. To have them show up in lower case, you would have to explicitly check the flag in the domain that would mark the values to show up as lower case.

Here’s the screen shot that will show you what I mean.


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