No Pain No Gain – 6 Rules of Success


The main reason I started this blog was to help freshers and beginners grow in their career by sharing my knowledge and experience in SAP.

Building ones career is a long term goal and not a quick lottery. For this we do need motivation, dedication and passion. Sometimes you will feel you are not making progress. You are stuck at a point doing the same thing everyday with little success. This is natural and everyone faces this.

When I am down in life, I reach out to my mentors for advice and during my past struggles I have created a list of motivational documents and videos that help me grow and focus.

Whenever I am dejected I just go through these and push myself up again.

Today I want to share with you one such video which is one of my most favorite videos. It is a speech by the strongest man in the Universe.

You may have watched this video earlier, but I want you to watch this video again.

I found this video on youtube by  Yoan Barouk.

Thank you for creating this video.

P.S : Remember to complete the Quiz I sent you in my previous post. If you want a copy of the Pre-defined data types guide + list of quiz questions for your reference then I want to see your name in the leader-board of the quiz ( It appears in the end – you need to click the send button on the last page of the quiz ). It doesn’t matter what you score, what matters is you attempted. Like Arnold says in the video : DONT BE AFRAID TO FAIL.

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