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Hi Friends,

I have been doing SAP HCM Consulting for a long time now. I have also done development in this area but now that SAP is moving ( or has already moved ) into the cloud domain at full speed, I have decided its time that I too should start learning about SuccessFactors which is SAP’s Cloud offering for SAP HCM.

SAP has put a lot of focus on SuccessFactors. In-fact I have heard rumors that for newer implementations SAP is advocating that end clients focus less on on-premise HCM functionality and move more of it to the cloud with SuccessFactors Employee Central and other offerings. Also you should note that the newer implementations of SAP are all being done on SAP HANA. So please if you are still doing conventional ABAP..please start learning a little bit of HANA at-least. And if you can get time please also learn about S/4 Suite on HANA. A lot of opportunities are opening up all around us. Keep your eyes open.

We as consultants have a responsibility to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. Not all clients are ready or would not really be needing cloud at this time, but for many companies cloud would be the best solution there is and we need to be prepared to learn the client’s situation and offer them the right advice.

With this in mind I have decided to pursue SAP SuccessFactors Certification, but I have also decided to document my learning each day as I proceed with my learnings. Such that if you have any interest to learn SuccessFactors you also can tag along my journey and learn through my progress.

— With that said here is what I have got so far.

  1. Currently I have applied for SAP Learning Hub License. You can get it here
  2. Using this License I am planning to study the SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) Module and take its certification exam.
  3. EC module consists of the following courses THR80, THR99 after I go through these two courses and go through the courseware and handbooks, I will be ready to take the C_THR81_1505 Exam.
  4. You can check out other Learning maps here .. incase you are interested to take any other courses.


— As I complete a topic in my studies I plan to make some notes and explain my learnings in my blog. If you want to participate in my study .. subscribe to my blog as I will be sending you updates regularly of my findings..

— So thats it for today.. Will update you all about my more learnings tomorrow.

Bye for now,

Linkin Pereira


  1. Nagarjuna M P

    Hi Linkin,

    Thanks for the nice document, please send the updates about the Success factors details.

    Best Regards,
    Nagarjuna M P

  2. Durga

    Hi Linkin,

    This is very Nice Document towards SF, waiting for another post from you on this.

    Durga Andukuri

  3. Reshmi

    Hi Linkin,

    Happen to see your post now.. I am very new to SAP Successfactors. I have joined a company recently and they told me to learn Succession Module in one month… Please help if you can..

  4. MSR

    I am new to SAP SuccessFactors can you please provide Documents and link etc. advance level to learn / make customised reports etc.

  5. Deepa

    hello, nice blog with well explained information about sap success factors.
    igrow soft is the best sap success factors training institute in Hyderabad.

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